War of the Eternal Night

They arrived all at once, completely encircling the globe with giant galactic battleships, annihilating the satellite infrastructure. In all languages simultaneously, they announced that Earth was subject for demolition due to its cooperation with their enemy, Starman. Although quite a few humans and their allies tried to offer the being to them, there was to be no redress.

Although the second mission to Mars had been successful a few years earlier, and many new alien civilizations had come into contact with the Earth, its governments had not yet formed any sort of space fleet to defend itself. That left the defense of the world to its heroes and villains, although only joined the effort in any meaningful way.

The world’s premiere heroes joined forces with its premiere tech manufacturers to produce a small, but elite group of ships capable of space flight, enabling all of the heroes capable of great damage but unable to get into space to join the fight. Led by heroes such as The Cosmic, Protectorian and Captain Masochisto, all capable of survival in space, the early resistance was inspiring.

However, the retaliation against civilizations of Earth were severe, as several cities in the European Unity, in the USA and the Imperial capital of the Qing Dynasty in China were left smoking ruins. Calls for surrender were just as strong as calls to fight to the death. In the face of this, the hero response was determined to need to be swift and final.

With help from those with some knowledge of the new enemy that the resident aliens of the world called the Hedron Collective.

War of the Eternal Night

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