Week 2 Unabridged

The alarms in the base of the neophyte Hero Sapphire Zephyr ring in unison, their piercing screech all but impossible to ignore somehow do not bother the sleeping form of first name, Taimi, last name Sakurai. Thirty-six devices, of varying volume and auditory severity are all ringing in unison. All of this is in addition to the slight beeping from her main console, showing that she has received fourteen alert messages.

At the same time, Gord, aka the Gremliminator (or Gremlin if you’re lazy or of poor reading ability) receives a message from one of his contacts. He ignores it, as he has to go over blueprints for his job. When another message appears, he begrudgingly answers.

FStevens374: Yo Grem, WASSUP?!
FStevens374: U THERE?
g.remlign: I told you not to contact me on this account, Stevens.
FStevens374: Srry broski, my bad, but you said to contact u when i get wind of anything interesting
g.remlign: Fine, fine. What’ve you got for me?
FStevens374: so i been talkn to these guys from karabou, real dbags ya know? they got all these schemes, ya know, not real shit, but then they come in one day with shit tons of dough
FStevens374: so i go try to get in on the action ya know? but dude these guys are in some heavy shit, they flash some hardware and smile at each other, they cant talk about it
g.remlign: Sounds spooky.
FStevens374: then i get them good and wasted, and they start flabbing their lil mouts off, i’m like bro, wtf u guys up to, and their like we wasted some military jerks and stole a bunch of loot for some crazy guy we never met, but he loads us up with cash
g.remlign: This is BC. Lots of crazies with money.
FStevens374: ya bro but these guys, they got TECH, like real shit, not guns, but TECH, laser guns and shit
g.remlign: Alright, I’ll bite. So where did all this happen?
FStevens374: DUde check out the rag
g.remlign: That one about the warehouse being attacked? Got it.
FStevens374: ya dats the one, i’ll upload the whole convo to ur pad, i gotta get going, wifey wants to go out to lunch, btw we’re even now for that thing you did for me, the wifey was plenty pleased, thx bro
g.remlign: Tell her it was my pleasure.

Gord checks his secret PDA, and finds that Fred already sent the info over. He reads the name of the group, and looks no further. The “Gourds Full ’wid Awesome” or the GFWA, strangely named, makes him angry somehow. He calls his posse, but Torturess is at “work” where she almost never answers her phone. However, his three lieutenants, all named Gob (with different inflections). Together they head to check out the GFWA’s base.

Meanwhile, Taimi realizes that the horrible noise isn’t a thirty-six story Mech that she’s wrestling, but thirty-six alarms all ringing simultaneously. When she comes to, she finds her face plastered to her tool bench, and has to peel a few random metal do-dads off her cheek. She then realizes what the thirty-six alarms signify.

“Oh crap!” She throws on her favorite overcoat on top of the clothes she slept in and starts calling, “Pochi! I’m late for work again! Why didn’t you wake me?!” Her robot companion does not respond. That is because he’s disabled. “Pochi, wake up already!” She presses his reboot button and he comes online.

Pochi turns on. “Mistress, I am happy to see you are finally awake. I am sorry I was not forceful enough, but my mistress is skillful in powering me down, even in her sleep. Can I help you in any way, Mistress?”

Taimi yawns, checks herself out in a mirror, before giving her robot servant a command. “I’m late for work, so I’m headed out. Turn off all the alarm clocks for me… and remind me when I get back to get a 37th alarm clock.”

Pochi mechanically responds, “Yes, mistress. Have a nice day, mistress.”

Taimi runs down the streets to her work, her stomach gurgling from hunger since she didn’t get to eat breakfast, not even a piece of toast dangling out of her mouth.

Taimi arrives at work at 1:00 PM, only an hour after her shift started. She shuffles through the front door, but before she makes it to the locker room, Susana, her boss, steps in her way. “Someone finally wake up?” Known for her attitude, Susana Linbet is a stickler for timeliness, a trait Taimi is not known for. However, Taimi possess something none of her other waitresses do: a physique that matches loli characters (yeah, google THAT one at your own risk). This results in big tips and happy customers, both which Susana likes.

Taimi nervously laughs, “Ehehehe… Sorry for being late again. I was up most of the night.”

Susana crosses her arms and says, “Riiiight… Oh by the way. I lent the new girl your costume, since you weren’t using it. She was on time.”

Taimi notices a girl in your Maria wig in your Maria costume, servicing your usual customers and receiving your tips. She vaguely remembers hearing about the new girl, but waitresses come and go quite often at the cafe, so she did not care at the time. Now it hits her cash flow hard.

Taimi whispers, a bit hurt, “You… you let someone else be the maid on my maid day?” Everyday, one of the waitresses cosplays as a maid. This is because there is an extremely loyal, if small customer base that exclusively is served by her. They tip better than most, even on bad days.

Susana replies, a hard edge in her voice, "No choice. The maid loving guys all were clamoring “Maria-chan!” until I had no choice but to send someone to them. They don’t seem to be complaining. Why don’t you wear one of your old ones today?"

Taimi is downcast from the potential money lost, but realizes she really has no reason to complain. She starts moping towards the locker room, “Hai…”

Susana smiles. “Good girl, now don’t be late next time.”

Taimi sighs, and then enters the locker room. A busty woman dressed as Morrigan from Darkstalkers It’s Titania LeClaire, and she has upstairs for the afternoon. It’s 21 and over there, and the biggest tippers go there, as its exclusive to members only. Even if she wanted to put herself through such an event, Taimi one year too young to waitress the upstairs clients. Though, the clients up there are usually much wealthier, as they include the renowned dotcom mogul, Benjamin Rapp, who is rumoured to tip upwards of $100 a night.

Taimi is still remorseful of the loss of money as she asks, mostly out of pity for herself, “Hey, Titania, You have upstairs today?” Of course, she knows the answer, as that costume might be a little much (or in this case, way too little) for the regular costumers.

The young, but older than Taimi, woman responds. “Yeah, hon, I told Susana not to touch your stuff, but I couldn’t say much after an hour…” She frowns. “Good luck on the new girl’s section; she has the random guest section.” (Random Guest Section: Anyone who isn’t a regular, in cosplay, or otherwise doesn’t seem like they’re here for much than to be a tourist.)

Taimi, as she starts changing, and mostly whining to herself, whispers, “And I was going to buy one of those new G1-52 power converters today…”

Sidestory A: Upsairs, Morrigan arrives with a big smile and bends down to pick up your tip, giving Benjamin an ample view of her bossom. Ben is satisfied. He asks, “Can I have a cookie?” Morrigan responds, “Anything for my cookie!” her wings flap as she skips off to get him another drink and a cookie." Ben hums The Dream of the Dolphin as the side story is over.

Taimi is going about her day, doing the best she can while everyone pays attention to the new girl in her Maria costume. The new girl is very pretty, and is very sweet to everyone, and plays the part of a maid perfectly. Taimi’s friend/co-worker, Jennifer is also working.

Jennifer catches her attention, and walks over to her friend. “Hey Tai, sorry you got stuck with the random guest section.” Jennifer is a natural redhead and plays redhaired characters exclusively… she does it well, too. She’s currently cosplaying as Mitsuru from Persona 3.

Taimi falls out of character for a moment to sulk some more. “And it was my turn to be Maria today…”

Jennifer says to her, “I know! Don’t worry, I’ll hate the new girl if you want me to.”

The smaller girl responds, “No, it’s alright, but I’ll never forgive her for this!” Shortly after her proclamation, Taimi takes a few deep breaths to calm herself, before slipping back into character and continuing her job.

Emerging from the sewers, the Gremliminator finds himself in the alley behind the apartment building of the GFWA. He locates a fire escape, ordering Gob, Gob and Gob to climb up and bring the ladder down. They dutifully obey. They bring it down, and then the Gremliminator orders Gob to keep a lookout in the front, in case anyone enters the building.

After climbing to the third floor, they enter through a window into the hallway of the building. The third door on the right is the destination, door 307. The Gremliminator waits a minute for Utility Gob to get in position, and then knocks on the door.

After a minute, the door opens. A woman, maybe 30-35, opens the door.
She’s a bit pale, showing off a lot of her skin in just a tanktop and hot pants.

The Gremliminator asks after the three suspects, and the woman’s eyes ligth up.

The slutty chick asks, “Huh, you a friend of the boys?”

He responds, “Yeah, and I heard they picked up something for me.”

She looks confused. “Huh? Oh sorry, babe. Dunno what they do for livin. I just crash here once in a while. You wanna come in and wait for them? They should be back in like 30 minutes.”

The Gremliminator replies, “Sure, I’d like that. Thanks.”

“Sit anywhere, want some coffee?”

The Gremliminator, Gob, and Gob take up the couch. Gob swings his feet about like a three year old, while Gob starts to bite his nails.

“That sounds good,” the Gremliminator says, accepting the gracious offer.

The woman smiles. “I’m Landice, by the way. What’s your name? And your kids?” She looks between the costumed hero and his two minions. Gord fails to consider this, wondering if she just not so subtely asked if his boys had a name. He catches her glance a moment later, and realizes she was not actually coming onto him.

“I’m the Gremliminator, and these are Gob and Gob.”

Landice cheerfully says, “Oh, nice to meet ya’ll.” She brings Gord coffee. “How long have you known the boys?”

“Only a few months, really,” the Gremliminator lies, convincingly enough for the woman who thought a goblin was a his child.

While she is busy, he gets a good look at the place. The apartment needs a serious woman’s touch, but Landice is not the chosen one, apparently. Every available surface is covered in pizza boxes, beer bottles and cans, empty, stained coffee mugs. The walls are littered with pictures of big breasted pinup models on the walls, while an old TV, sits just below them with a fairly new looking LCD on top of it.

The Gremiliminator sips his coffee, when Landice suddenly says, “Oh, can you hold on? I need to go get my laundry.”

“No worries, we can amuse ourselves.”

Landice conveniently leaves three total strangers alone in the apartment.

Gob says, “Gob gob!”

“Yeah, Gob?”

“Gob, gob! I smell gob gob!” He then points.

The Gremliminator follows the direction to an open bedroom door, where light is glinting off something in there, making it shiny.

Checking it out, he finds a bunch of random tech apparatus that could do anything. Many of them are curved metal objects with some sort of glowing wiring fused on them. As the Gremliminator sorts through them, he finds a small pile of lady mags. Ignoring those, he also finds an unopened Amazon.com box on the ground, just behind the bed.

Gob tugs at the Gremliminator’s sleeve, and asks, “Gob gob?”

Catching his glance, he says, “Yeah, go ahead.” Gob then helps himself to all of the change piled up on a plate next to the bed, dumping them into a small bag.

Finding the Amazon box sealed, the Gremliminator leaves it be and examines some of the Tech. He notices what could be a lightsaber or a flashlight, but leaves it alone in favor of a curved metal band. He chucks it and a few other small pieces to Gob.

“Bring it back to the base while we finish up here.”

Done with the various goods about the room, the Gremliminator plants a few listening bugs about the room. He then heads back to the living room to finish his coffee.

Landice comes back with laundry and talks with the Gremliminator about television up for a few minutes, to which he only nods. After a few minutes of this, he decides to take his leave.

“Sorry, I’ll let them know you were here! Bye now!” She apologizes for their lateness, to which Gremliminator nods.


Having drank only coffee since breakfast, Gord decides to stop by a restaurant to get a bite to eat, deciding to choose one at random nearby his base.

Week 2 Unabridged

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