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Welcome to the Borderline city library, where all your answers can be questioned.

News and related articles: The Borderline Article Board

Heroes and Teams: Cosplay Avengers, Captain Masochisto, Diva, Sapphire Zephyr, Transiston, Hang Ten, Hospice, MegaSpell, Rock’d Tear, Sonik the Boom, Winged Guy, Naninami, Iron Maiden

Villains and Teams: Bureaucraton, Shadowclad, Techfiend, Big Toro, Torturess

Vigilantes, Rogues and the Unaligned: Ember Rose, Geomistress, Indigo Frost, Alia Orion, Steamborg, Gwyneth

Dead Heroes and Villains: Rapier, Gremliminator, Dr. What?, Larblaxlkazoop, MechZilla

All Minor Characters are available as well: Minor NPCs

Tri-Stat Shorcuts/Help: Tri-Stat Combat Brief

Locations, Food, Etc: The Cosplay Cafe, anchovy and cheese burrito, Channel 9, New Normslund, Karabou, Borderline Mercy Hospital, The BC Tundradome, Kaminetsky Model School

House Rules: Attribute House Rules, Expanded Equipment, Summon Item, Hero Points, Villain Points, Special Attack House Rules, Force Field Attribute House Rules, Ritual Magic (NEW!)

Season 1: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5, Session 6, Session 7, Session 8, Session 9, Sessions 10-11, Session 12, Session 13, Session 14, Session 15, Session 16, Session 17, Session 18, Session 19, Session 20, Session 21, Session 22, Session 23, Session 24-25, Session 26, Session 27, Session 28, Session 29, Session 30, Session 31, Session 32, Session 33, Session 34, Session 34A, Session 34B, Session 35, Session 36, Session 37, Taimi Sessions 34-38, Session 39

Summarized current state of play. Read this to catch up on the plot without having to slog through seventy pages of adventure logs.

Taimi’s Story: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3a, Chapter 3b

The Misadventures of Taimi and Lizbet: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Heeeeeey the Gremliminator and Torturess have backstory too! Like this: At the Junior Villain Meet & Greet, The Obligatory Introductory Story

And some interesting stuff happened to Naninami: A Cute Name for a Cute Girl, Dark Horse Begins, Shopping for Heroes

Even new PCs have backstory! It’s Always Sad to See B-CUPs Separated

Hell, even NPCs have stories of their own: Filly Love at Kaminetsky

Links to helpful downloads: Tri-Stat dX rule book, PDF character sheet, working character generator

Misc. Stuff: Sample Player Card
Laws of the Night Court
Mysterious letter to Taimi

Main Page

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